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Achieve Fantastic Teeth and Gum Health at the Same Time!"

Dear Friend:

It's crazy.  Have you read the warning label and ingredient listing on your toothpaste lately? 

Warning:  Keep out of the reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately.

Your toothpaste?  Let's get real.  How could your innocent toothpaste be slowly poisoning you and your children?  Well, I'm not here to instill any more fear than what the country's been through already, but the fact remains that the contents of a family size tube of fluoridated toothpaste is enough to kill a 25 pound child.

So, why is it in your natural toothpaste?

Good question.  natural tooth and gum care

Truth is, if you want to boost your body's natural healing and cleansing processes within the mouth, help in eliminating harmful cavity-causing plaque, reduce (or maybe eliminate bad breath), if you want a natural, safe alternative to chemical-laden dental products then keep reading because I have good news.  

With the cold-pressed essential oils found in RefreshMint, your body has the tool to:

  • Help cleanse your teeth and supply nutrients to your gums

  • Experience an improved dental check-up for yourself and your children (just think of the $$ you could save with this one)

  • Help to control receding gums (some even claim to have eliminated theirs)

  • Eliminate and control bad breath once and for all

  • Counteract against plaque, calculus and tartar and gently remove them from the mouth

  • Help relieve sore or diseased gums

  • Help soothe the esophagus, throat and alimentary tract

  • Treat insect bites and stings

  • Help relieve indigestion, gaseousness and upset stomach

  • Help soothe the throats of singers, speakers and allergy sufferers

  • Safe to swallow

  • Help relieve tooth sensitivity

natural toothpasteElectrical Body makes available RefreshMint  - a great way for you to protect your family from the dangers of fluoride. Brush just once with RefreshMint and you'll notice the difference. 

The powerful mint flavor leaves you with fresh breath and a cleaner mouth than you've ever experienced. Many consumers report that after just minimal use, their dentist or hygienist comments on how much healthier their teeth and gums look.

Unlike chemical and fluoride laden commercial brands, RefreshMint is safe to swallow.  And we give you 60 days to guarantee it! 

To learn more about our natural toothpaste alternative, click here.  Also, check out our Le Visage and Splash of Silk organic alternatives, Bonita and Citrus Smooth.



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